This high quality handcrafted fountain pen is rare and unique. This pen is considered to be a large executive desk pen. Rhodium and black titanium accents are the most durable components you can get on a pen. The ornate hand carved pattern on the band and clip is unique and very beautiful. Even the finials have a high quality unique design that makes this pen stand above the rest. This handcrafted pen is truly something that any collector would appreciate as part of their collection. The nib on this handmade pen has been upgraded to a fine point semi-flex heritance nib. This nib is a higher quality than the standard nib and provides a very smooth writing experience. For your convenience this nib has already been installed on the pen prior to shipping. This pen also includes an ink cartridge and a piston converter so you can use the ink of your choice in your new handcrafted fountain pen. This pen fits the definition of a fine quality writing instrument. 

The material for this handmade pen is stunning. Found around the Pacific coast of Mexico and Southern California is a species of Abalone commonly called Green Abalone. When polished this species of abalone shell provides a unique brilliance and color that is unique to the abalone family. It's unique iridescence makes it a great material for jewelry and other high end items. The material for this pen was sliced and cast in a high quality acrylic around the pen body allowing the true brilliant color of the material to show through. This is a rare material in a handmade pen and not very many of these are made. This unique material makes this pen a perfect gift for a collector or any other person who appreciates fine writing instruments.

I select only the best components for my handmade pens. I search for high quality materials and pair those materials with components that I think go well together and complement one another. All of the materials I select are collector grade quality that any collector would be proud to have in their collection. Each pen that I make is as unique as the color and grain pattern of the material it is paired with.

The process I go through to create these handcrafted pens includes the same quality and attention to detail in selecting the materials. Each pen starts out as a rough block that is then drilled and turned to its final dimensions on my lathe. If the pen is wood no less than 20 layers of finish are added to the pen to ensure its protection and long lasting beauty. The material is then sanded with several different grades of special sanding material. After that process is complete I then begin the process of polishing the material. Several different grades of micro fine sanding material are used to get a beautiful shine on the pen. Then as a last step the pen is buffed with several extra fine grits less than .5 microns in size. This process produces a high show quality gloss that is sure to last for quite some time. All this is done to provide the highest quality product I can make and provide you with a great writing pen. 

Handcrafted pens make a great gift for a collector, professional, executive, teacher, student, or anyone else who enjoys a fine quality writing instrument. 

If for some reason you are less than happy with your pen in any way within the first 30 days just return it in its original condition and receive a full refund.(pbr537a)

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Unique fountain pen handcrafted with Green abalone and titanium and rhodium accents

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